About Us

Advocate is a regional Newspaper mostly focus on Niger Delta region with a vision of “voice of the defenceless. The Advocate News paper through our innovative and constructive approach to reporting the the Niger Delta region, is continuously attracting a growing and dedicated readership from a wide range of groups and our editorial content cover a broad range of issues such as oil & gas, business, politics, sports, tourism art and culture and more as they affect the Niger Delta region National.

With circulation and presence in about twenty one states in Nigeria including the Niger Delta states and our ever increasing quest to be the Niger Delta advocate at both the National and International levels has placed us as the authentic voice of the defenceless. Since our first publication on March 3, 2014, we have been consistent, demonstrating our commitment to being the mass medium of choice for the region.

The Advocate as your medium provides you with unequaled access to your market. One reason is our readership. We cater to a growing and dedicated readership from a wide range of groups – alert, educated and socially active.

We are the most widely circulated regional publication in the Niger Delta and holding sway in the reportage of the length and breadth of the region.
We are better equipped to serve you, than anyone else you could possibly turn to in the region. We are fully computerized; and our state-of-the-art printing press and online publishing is more than capable of meeting the challenge.

It will interest you to also know that we have a very impressive subscriber base which is ever increasing; this further assures that your news must reach the target audience.